John Bellotti Jr Robo 7

From the mean streets of shaolin NYC comes the Artist known only as Robo7. His mother named him John but he only goes by Robo7 now. Even his cat knows him only as Robo7. Anyway, John…I mean, Robo7 loves illustrating giant monster and kung fu movie posters. His work is available for purchase in PIQ! Gift shops as well as on teepublic and Etsy. Robo7 has done artwork for magazines such as GFAN, Famous Monsters of Filmland as well as artwork for designer vinyl and enamel pins.

Robo7 has sold his work at conventions such as NYCC, Megacon, Baltimore Comic Con, AwesomeCon,FivePointsFest and Gfest.

When not drawing all things giant monster or kung fu fighters, Robo7 works as a scenic artist on film and TV in and around NYC.